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Danish Army Knife Frans Nielsen scores sweet goal, does own play-by-play

He does everything.

"He had no chance on that one, Howie."

Frans Nielsen is known (or unknown, according to every "Most Underrated Players In the NHL" list on the internet) as an ace defensive forward with a solid scoring touch. But Nielsen is even more of a modern day Renaissance Man than we thought, and is also capable of doing his own play-by-play calls after scoring goals.

Nielsen scored twice in the third period of the Islanders' cathartic 4-1 win in Anaheim tonight, and both were set up by excellent passes from Anders Lee. On the first, Lee chases the puck into the corner of the Ducks' zone and flings it out to Josh Bailey, who sets up Nielsen for the tap-in.

After the goal, which put the Islanders up 3-1, Nielsen clearly says to Bailey, "What a play!" in what can only be interpreted as an audition for a future job in broadcasting.

If Nielsen is trying out for a position behind a mic, let's hope he's not taking too much advice from Butch Goring, who called him "Frans Lee" after he scored his second goal of the period. In Butchie's defense, it was past his bedtime on the East Coast.