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Video: The Boychuks are your new favorite reality sitcom family

Come on, MSG. Make it happen.

You want to see baby pictures?
You want to see baby pictures?

When the Islanders traded for Johnny Boychuk before last season, we knew he came with a big slap shot and veteran grit.

What we didn't know was that he also came with a delightful family as well. Islanders fans are already well familiar with his brothers Sam and Dave, whose interactions on Twitter have made them almost as popular as Johnny is.

During tonight's 4-1 win over the Ducks, we got a really fun interview with their parents, John and Audrey, who were interviewed by Shannon Hogan during the first intermission. Like any proud mom and dad, the Boychuks gushed about Johnny's game, the generosity of Islanders fans on both coasts and what it was like raising three rambunctious boys, two of whom would routinely lock one outside and force him to take 100 slappers before being let back in.

I'll let you guess who the one was.

MSG needs to give the whole Boychuk family a weekly show. It'll make a great compliment to the ubiquitous Four Courses with JB Smoove and the 88-part series on the Knicks and Rangers in the Spring of 1994.