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[Video] Evgeni Nabokov talks Stan Fischler, Islanders days, returning home

"There we go! Where is he? I miss him..."

The New York Islanders' swing through San Jose on their West Coast trip offered a chance for players -- and broadcasters -- to catch up with an old friend.

Evgeni Nabokov, who played 129 games (including six playoff games) with the Isles over three seasons at the end of his career, is now back at his adopted home and working in an off-ice capacity for the Sharks, where he spent the majority of his NHL career.

The Islanders' broadcast partner MSG Plus featured an interview with "Nabby" by Shannon Hogan that is worth a viewing.

In the clip, Nabokov talks about his new roles, seeing his old teammates, how the perception of the Isles has changed since he first arrived (remember, he wasn't exactly thrilled to join when first claimed on waivers), and of course, the fond and funny memories of his post-game exchanges with Stan Fischler: