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Islanders News: 23 Men enter, one man leaves (and one man waives)


"Ack, what is that ticking sound?"
"Ack, what is that ticking sound?"
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The NHL season is here! Four games tonight go from coast to coast, including the Chicago Blackhawks -- the Islanders' first (and second) opponent this weekend -- raising their Cup banner before taking on the Smurfs.

Islanders Reads in 23 Men or Less
  • The two big news stories of Tuesday were related: They named their 23-man roster [LHH] ...and it included three goalies (but no Boulton). Goalie J-F Berube enters the fold via waivers from Los Angeles. [Newsday] Be well, Jaro. Be well.
  • A bit more about Berube, with help from Jewels from the Crown. [LHH]
  • Berube's arrival meant Stephon Williams was officially sent down. [Soundin' Off]
  • Meanwhile, lines and pairings from Sound Tigers camp. [Soundin' Off]
  • Oh, but about Eric Boulton: He doesn't have to go home, but he -- well maybe he can sort of stay here. [@StapeNewsday]
  • This dead horse has a new saddle for 2015-16! [Pulling out the Strait-Zidlicky quote just because]
  • Community relations in Brooklyn: The Isles will "give thousands of Brooklyn youngsters the opportunity to attend games at the team’s new home at Barclays Center, as well as offer a free program to learn to play the game of hockey. [Isles]
  • Here are ways to find food near the arena in Brooklyn. [Flatbush Files]
  • By age John Tavares is entering his prime, so the time for the Isles to do bigger things begins now. [Post]
  • Couple of reminders: We now have a podcast (episode 1 of Islanders Anxiety is here), and we had a season preview, which you can navigate via the SB Nation NHL Preview or our three questions here.
Beyond 23
  • Analytics smile on the Islanders. (And Penguins. And especially Lightning.) [Sportsnet]
  • For the new season with the old sport, here are 16 old faces in new places. [NHL]
  • And here is an old face with a new statue: Hall of Fame Blues goalie Martin Brodeur's #30 will be retired by the Blues, er, huh...says here it will be by the Devils. Okay. [All About the Jersey]
  • The Sabres have an Eichel-burger. Yep. [Die by the Blade]
  • Here are some non-Eichel (and non-McDavid) rookies to watch. [NHL]
  • Defense and goalies are more sophisticated, scoring is down, here are players suggesting ideas you've heard before. [National Post]
  • Ten years after the shootout began: What have we learned? Other than they'd prefer to finish things 3-on-3, I mean? [Copper n Blue]
  • And now for something completely different: Garik16, Ryan Stimson, Ben Wendorf, and DTMAboutHeart talk about analytics, manually tracking the data used for it, and more. [Hockey Graphs podcast]