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Zeitgeist: NHL Coach Recycling Program gaining steam among teams this season

Old coach drop-off and pick-up service is "even more successful that we expected," says the league.

Just dump them right here.
Just dump them right here.

NEW YORK - Awareness of the National Hockey League's Coach Recycling Program has reached record numbers, the league announced today, with more coaches available for re-purposing than ever before and coaching waste reducing by staggering numbers.

Nearly 800 pounds of reusable coach material have been recycled since the summer, a figure that is the result of wide-spread education efforts sponsored by the league, according to Colin Campbell, the NHL's Vice President of Job Placement and Recycling.

"The more coaches teams recycle, the less they have to pay to dump their old coaches at a landfill." - Colin Campbell

"What we're trying to do is create a coach recycling habit in all of our teams, getting them to continue re-purposing the same coaches year after year and not just chuck them all in the dump when they're done with them," Campbell said. "So far, our recycling program is even more successful that we expected."

Edmonton, Columbus, San Jose and Buffalo have all participated in the recycling program since May, taking advantage of coach drop-off sites in New Jersey, New York and San Jose. Campbell expects even more cities to add reclaimed coaches in the coming weeks, including possible high profile salvage sites in Anaheim, Boston and Pittsburgh.

"It is clear that our teams want to recycle coaches to help the environment, save themselves time and give their fans something they can be proud of," Campbell said. "The more they recycle, the less they have to pay to dump their old coaches at a landfill. As we get further into the season, we look forward to even higher levels of recycling and more reusable coaches moving from NHL one team to another."

Over 50% of the league is now utilizing recycled coaches, a number Campbell hopes to see rise in 2016.

"We have to impress upon future generations that it's not okay to just throw away coaches because the resulting pollution effects all of us," he said.

"Not only does it keep the hockey world clean, but coach re-purposing can be an enriching and enlightening experience. One team's scapegoat can be another team's savior."


This is not real. It only seems like it is.