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Islanders News: Halak (still) hurt, horn now off, predictions for all

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Just one more week of talking about the horn.

Your mustache must be THIS impressive to be an NHL off-ice official.
Your mustache must be THIS impressive to be an NHL off-ice official.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The New York Islanders continued preseason practices Thursday with the same reported lines. So each day that happens is a little closer to an opening top line of Lee-Tavares-Strome.

Separately, Jaroslav Halak was on the ice, but then left, and there was no declaration on his availability for opening night.

Site note: I don't want to overpromise, but a long-awaited podcast may actually be a thing. Stay tuned.

Goal Horns, Bath & Beyond
  • Staple has the sequence and latest on Halak's undefined injury. [Newsday]
  • The annual prediction contest is here! Drop your knowledge, your clairvoyance with fellow LHHers. [LHH]
  • SB Nation's NHL season preview launched yesterday, and we contributed a few questions/answers [LHH] as well as some basic overviews for the mothership. [SBN]
  • There's a lot of other goodies in there, but one is a fresh reminder about the new rules (3-on-3 OT, coach's challenges).
  • Horn news. Horn news! Yormark heard (many of) you. They are scratching the new goal horn, for now. [LHH | Times]
  • That and other things about the transition to Brooklyn were discussed by Yormark in an interview with ESPN NY, which Dan helpfully transcribed and added context to. [LHH]
  • Meanwhile, Grantland's previews has the Isles in the "I mean maybe great but maybe not at all?" division. [Grantland]
  • Bridgeport opened its preseason schedule by controlling play against Hartford but losing, 3-2. [CT Post - Soundin' Off]
  • Broken sticks and bucketless (not bucket lists): The new rules in the AHL. [Soundin' Off]
  • Michael Dal Colle's consolation prize for returning to OHL Oshawa: The captaincy. [LHH | Generals]
  • Pretty cool reflection on Hockeyville, and playing a tournament in the very same rink. [LHH Fanpost]
  • Behind the scenes at Isles Media Day. Sexy. Many autographs. Shiny lights. [IslesTV]

The Gremlin makes new friends:

Those Other Teams (Real and Imagined)

It's hockey season, which means it's time for more 30 Thoughts goodies. This one goes into guessing the NHL's expansion thinking. [Sportsnet]

Five teams could be "crushed" by their goaltending this season. The fifth one too familiar. [CBS]

In classic Bettman confidence, the NHL doesn't want to settle the concussion lawsuit because it thinks it's got nothing to hide. [Puck Daddy]

The Dallas jumbotron mocks teams, bad child pop stars. [SI]

The four NCAA 2017 regional hosts have been announced. [SBN College]