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At long last, a podcast! Islanders Anxiety, Episode 1

You wanted it, you got it. At least, I think some of you wanted it.

For some strange reason that I have yet to fully understand, people have asked us (occasionally, anyway) to put together a podcast so that the voices of Lighthouse Hockey could leap from computer monitors and directly into your ear holes for a straight path into your brain.

As much as we'd love to sit around and chew the fat about the Islanders all day, it's very hard to coordinate such a thing between a large group of people with, like, lives and stuff. Also, there are already many fine Islanders podcasts and we wanted to do something different.

Long story short, Michael Leboff and I decided to try an audio version of our Fear and Loathing in the Playoffs article from a few months ago. The result is here for your listening pleasure. At Islanders Anxiety, we talk about what scares the hell out of us regarding the Islanders, the players, the move and the outside world in general.

We'd like to make this a bi-weekly thing throughout the season. That's the plan anyway.

If you're an experienced podcast listener, you'll know that technical glitches come with the territory and Islanders Anxiety is no different. This is the first episode done by two guys with zero podcast creation experience, so please keep the criticisms constructive. We'll get better as we go on. (Lesson 1 is "Make sure both people are being recorded in stereo." Anyway, listen with headphones if you can.)

We'll investigate iTunes and other distribution methods soon. For now, here's the RSS feed for the podcasting app of your choice:

We had a lot of fun making it and we hope you like it.