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Islanders News: Bridgeport finally loses

It was a good run.

Just kind of staring at the new digs, getting our bearings.
Just kind of staring at the new digs, getting our bearings.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Only one game in the NHL tonight, with the undefeated-until-they-met-the-Islanders San Jose Sharks at the Garden to face New York's "other" team. The Isles are back in action Tuesday in Columbus against the winless Blue Jackets.

Isles-related Reads
  • The Isles are deep up front, and Jaro is happy to back in...back. [Newsday]
  • It took six tries, but a team has finally beaten the now 5-1 Sound Tigers. Kirill Petrov was a bright spot, for those asking. [CT Post | Soundin' Off]
  • A Metro snapshot as the Devils topped the Rangers last night and, oh, look who's on top. [Lou Was Never Trustworthy Anyway]
  • The worst of those, the Isles' next opponent, are a bit of a mess and the topic of coach-firing rumors. [Jackets Cannon]
Beyond Bark-a-Lay's
  • Ex-Isle and tall person Anders Nilsson is off to a nice start after a win in Edmonton. [NHL | C&B]
  • Speaking of which, this is about the necessity to have a decent third-goalie option, but goes into the mechanics of in-season practice for goalies and discussion of some of the teams that are carrying three. [NHL]
  • This discussion of how the Canadiens are more than just Carey Price -- really, I swear! -- goes into some tactical changes they made in the offseason. [NHL]
  • Even for a weasel like Burrows, I'm not sure how to describe this maneuver. [NHL Vine]
  • "I want to be a bully," said Chris Kreider as he evoked the names of NFL players, but still probably innocent on any goalie-crashing charges 'cause he's just too young to know his own strength. [Daily News]
  • "Fact is, if not for Henrik Lundqvist’s brilliance out of the gate (and Columbus’ Sergei Bobrovsky’s mediocre opening weekend in their head-to-head matchup), the Rangers could be [0-6]," writes a very alarmed Brooksie. [Post] No really, he's quite alarmed. Like, with bells even. [Post]