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Islanders News: Now for revenge, on better ice

Sweet home, now off to Chicago.

Didn't someone sell that bridge or something to someone?
Didn't someone sell that bridge or something to someone?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

No rest for the weary! After a season-opening overtime loss to the Blackhawks Friday night in Brooklyn -- with two goals by a guy who should maybe be in jail! But maybe not. We don't know, so it's awkward -- it's off to Chicago for the rematch tonight.

FIG picks can be left here. Deadline is 8:29 pm.

Islanders Reads

I mean, there was a lot about Brooklyn and the new digs:

But there was also a game, a pretty decent one, completed by the Isles' first -- and crazy -- 3-on-3 overtime:

Anyway, apart from the game...

Beyond Our Cold, Sad Existence
  • Mike Richards and the Kings come to a convenient agreement. But at least Richards will be on the cap in some form until...2031? [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of: "At times I think I will never recover from it. It is difficult to trust anyone right now..." That's Dean Lombardi on Richards, not the other way around. [LA Times]
  • More Mikes: Commodore hates Babcock, isn't afraid to say so nor involve truck. [SB Nation]
  • The Sabres are already screwed with Robin Lehner's injury. [Die By The Blade]
  • The Avs are already...well here's more about their third jersey. [Sports Logos]
  • The Devils have a Greene captain, nyuk nyuk. [In Lou We Once Trusted]
  • The NWHL is underway, breaking ground for women's hockey. [Sports on Earth]
  • Old friend Colin McDonald is an AHL captain again. [BSH]
  • Old pal Trevor Gillies is ready to mentor. [WCIV]
  • Brutal: The Wiz has a torn ACL. [Canes Country]