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Islanders News: Barzal remains, Dal Colle returns, Cartier plays on

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Tis the wait for the season.

Just hangin' out, waiting for the season.
Just hangin' out, waiting for the season.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It's October, the New York Islanders season is just over a week away, and we're wearing sunglasses.

The Isles don't play again until their final preseason game Sunday in D.C., but we have lots to read -- not all of it about the goal horn!

Ministry of Islanders Information
  • Like fantasy hockey? There's a (second) LHH league for that. [LHH]
  • An Interview with Seattle Thunderbirds columnist Tim Pigulski about the hype surrounding Mathew Barzal. [Isles Nation]
  • Barzal is still in camp and impressing, by the way. Though this story discusses all the top prospects. [Newsday]
  • One of them, Michael Dal Colle, is welcomed back by his OHL team. [Durham Region]
  • The top line, the injuries, the goal horn. [SNY IPB podcast]
  • Yeah, well, the organist and his organ were transplanted from the Coliseum though. [Brooklyn Paper]
  • A view you may or may not share, whether or not you dislike the goal horn: Isles Fans Need to Relax and Stop Complaining. [CBS NY]
  • I confess I sometimes feel that way, whether or not I agree with a given complaint: On line mixing and such. [LHH]
  • Chico Resch's number is finally being retired. At U. of Minnesota-Duluth. [UMD]
  • The Quinnipiac Jones are trying to keep up with the Sound Tigers. [CT Post]
  • But they'll be trying to do that after the team added a quarter of a lineup in the Grabner trade. [CT Post]
Council on Foreign Relations
  • The secret to sniping, says James Neal: It's all in the release. [Players Tribune]
  • Let's rank the top 10 right wings in the Metro. [Japers' Rink]
  • Let's rank every NHL starting goalie in tiers. [ESPN]
  • Let's rank the top 50 NHLers overall. [TSN]
  • Let's figure how an expansion draft would work. [ESPN]

SB Nation's leaguewide NHL preview publishes today, so check back here later for our part, plus previews at all our team sites.