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This is What the New York Islanders 'Fisherman' Warmups Look Like

Oh, and you can bid on them.

The NHL auction site offers a peek at the Fisherman warmup jerseys.
The NHL auction site offers a peek at the Fisherman warmup jerseys.

The look of the New York Islanders' much-anticipated (and sometimes dreaded) "Fisherman" style warmup jerseys is now available thanks to the NHL's auction site, where you can bid on the game warmup-worn jerseys, with the proceeds going to the Islanders' children's charity.

As part of their final season, the Islanders are bringing back some former greats and doing a couple of sartorial retro nights. In addition to wearing these warmups on Tuesday, Feb. 3, they will also wear jerseys like those from their first season -- orange numbers, no nameplates -- on the final home game of the regular season.

The bidding on the entire roster of warmup jerseys -- hey there, Boulton! -- starts at $350 per jersey, but between now and the auction's close on Jan. 27 you can expect a select few to reach the thousands.

You get more than the jersey for winning an auction though:

All jerseys will be autographed, and the lucky winners will be able to pick them up at the February 3rd Islanders game, as each jersey also comes with two tickets to the game. Proceeds from this auction will go directly to the Islanders Children’s Foundation.

About the Look: Pass or Fail?

Compared to their in-game mentors, warmup jerseys are usually pretty awful -- all the more so when RBK has weird armpit panels and other absurd sections just because. So the base of these isn't too surprising.

However, the ol' Fisherman logo looks sharp, and the numbers ... well they're not quite the same as the ones used on the wavy template of the original Fisherman unis. Part of that is pure practicality: Those old numbers were ridiculously complex to cut, and the cut of the same digit depended on where they fell next to the wavy hemline.

That would be a lot to reproduce just for a warmup, and for one that presumably has no corresponding hem stripes.

Anyway, this is a nod to history without creating another archival game using what many feel is ultimately a regrettable look. For these, you can own a brief bit of history for a good cause, but I suspect the real appetite -- for those consuming what the Fisherman is cooking -- will be for the vintage (and eventual reprints?) versions of the old wavy Fisherman that symbolizes the '90s in so many ways.