First Ever Islanders Game/First Ever Post on LHH

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I've been an Islanders fan literally as long as I can remember, which is slightly odd because I was born and raised in Michigan where everyone is a die hard Redwings fan. My family also never cared about hockey in the least bit, so how did I become an Islanders fan? When I was really little my mother was trying to teach me how to read before I went to kindergarten and would go to yardsales and buy all the books she could, didn't matter what they were, just to teach me how to read on different books. Well one of those books was called the Triumphant Islanders from 1976 (mind you this was in the early 90's so I had already missed the glory days). This was basically the book I learned to read on, and it made me fall in love with hockey, and fall in love with the Islanders.

Well now that I bored you all with that little tidbit the point of all this is I am finally going to go see the Islanders play the Redwings for the first time. I will be the one person in a Trevor Gillies jersey (yes they sold at least one of those).
This is also my first ever post, even though I've been lurking for about 3 or 4 years on this site.

Lets Go Islanders!

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