Islanders Fans: An Old Trend Being Renewed (No, Its Not a Twitter Thing)

They're heeee-eeere. - Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

As this season has progressed I have been noticing a trend that many readers here have never experienced before. As a pre glory years fan this trend is a welcome return to what was, in my and some of the "older members" world, normalcy.

Years ago when the Islanders were upswinging and on their way to become a Dynasty. Ranger fans became quieter and wore less and less of their team gear in public, while Islander gear became more prevalent. While waiting at the barber shop (complete with the red and white pole) folks would be talking about them. Fans seemed to come out of hiding and were happy to be a counted member of the fan base.

As time slipped away from the stalled Drive for Five there were several small upsurges where we would once again see some Islander gear but for the most part it was short lived.

This brings up this year . I usually wear an Islander baseball cap when I go out, been doing this for years, and in the past those whom I pass in the stores, on the soccer fields etc wearing Ranger paraphernalia have always gave a snearish, looking down type look at me.

Lately the Islander gear has been once again been brought out of the closets and are seeing the light of day. Head nods and smiles between Islander wearing fans are becoming a trend again. Ranger fans don't seem to look down at us and at times just seem to look away. The big difference is that the season isn't even half over. This is the way it used to be.

So the new old trend is the reemergence of the world I once knew, when a trend had nothing to do with any type of social media.

Anyone else noticing this "trend"?

Ahhhh....the good old days.

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