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Islanders Gameday News: You have been fined 2,000 Clutterbucks, but at least you get an 'A'

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NHL refs agree: winning is infectious.
NHL refs agree: winning is infectious.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Tonight is Mike Bossy Night, and he has a media availability this morning. So expect some cool quotes and stories from that. The New York Islanders host the Boston Bruins, who have kind of woken up lately and no longer look like their playoff spot is in jeopardy. As usual, we require you to do prior reading.

Islanders Reads
  • What a hilarious mix of news for Cal Clutterbuck this week: He was fined by the NHL for embellishing, and he received the "A" in Kyle Okposo's absence. [LHH on the fine | Newsday on the 'A'] In the latter piece, Jack Capuano also describes how that 4th line needs to play (It's Cappy-speak, but if you have your translator working...).
  • Since the Isles host the Bruins, only fitting to feature one of the more obscure Isles-Bruins connections: Butch Goring, MVP-turned-waiver claim-turned-coach. (Their coach!) [LHH]
  • Grab your tissue, because you're going to be in tears when you read about these guests from PEI coming to see the game tonight. [CBC]
  • With Jaroslav Halak his last totally accidental (gross incompetence) victim, we ask why Chris Kreider can't stop running goalies? [LHH]
  • Listen up: Arthur Staple and Kenny Albert discuss the Isles-Smurfs rivalry [Shutdown Pair podcast] IPB also talks to Staple about the Isles owning the red pants squad. [IPB]
  • At these prices, it better be one hell of a Coliseum Conversation. But with those guests, how could it not be? [LifestyleSportsGroup event Feb. 25 at Madison Theater]
  • A quick bit about Isles merchandise sales going through the roof. [Newsday]
  • The Isles' ECHL affiliation is probably over after this year. Stockton is among several Western ECHL teams holding announcements today (they're being bought by the Flames), all part of the long-rumored AHL Western shift. [Record]
  • FIG Picks: Leave your First Islanders Goal picks for tonight's game over this way. Early indications were the same lineup as the one that bossed the Rangers.
I Suppose There Are Other Teams, Too
  • Approximately 24 hours after Ken Campbell completely misunderstood (and then gloated) everything he heard about the topic, the NHL said yes, Corsi and the like are coming to and soon. [Puck Daddy]
  • Very cool if you haven't seen this: Logan Couture breaks down what's great about some of the toughest (Western) centers he faces. [Players Tribune]
  • Are today's players coddled? The discussion within is actually much better than that silly headline. [Star]
  • A shout out to my friends at St. Louis Game Time, members of whom are part of an immense game-night print program that has now run for 20 years. I remember the first issues, which were delightfully twisted tonics coming out of Lockout I. [SLGT]
  • Gawk at your neighbors: Is this the worst Devils team since the Mickey Mouse days? [ILWT]
  • The Wisconsin governor wants to use taxes on NBA players to build a new arena, and hey maybe expansion hockey. [Journal Sentinel]
  • Marek and Wyshynski have a t-shirt shop, with profits to charity. [International Society of Hockey Geeks]
  • Allegedly the Flames have talked to the Kings about Mike Richards, though this report suggests Calgary's asking for the same "sweeteners" the Kings were unwilling to give anyone else. [Sun]
  • Jarome Iginla discusses life across many NHL eras, working for so many ex-opponents, and retro-rationalizing the decision to sign in Colorado. [Puck Daddy]
  • All-Star Game ratings dirt: Poor. [Puck Daddy]