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Islanders-Rangers Game Threatened by Snowpocalypse? Maybe.

It's rare for the NHL to postpone games when both teams are present, but this *could* be a special case.

In the Before Time...
In the Before Time...
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps you've heard, there is a "potentially historic" blizzard ready to Frans down upon New England. It's not raining cats and dogs yet, but there is much talk of highways being closed, flights grounded, venues shuttered.

We're talking snowpocalypse -- and nothing to do with Garth -- "one of the most powerful blizzards to ever strike New York City."

That means it's possible Tuesday's game between the New York Islanders and New York Rangers could be postponed, but there are some big "ifs" -- not the least of which is the storm itself (more on that later).

The Rangers were commuting to Nassau ahead of time to beat the storm and hold today's practice at the Coliseum, according to Andrew Gross of The Record. And the NHL has traditionally resisted postponing games when both teams are already on site.

But this could be a special case: Both the Rangers and Isles have home games Thursday, so while postponing to Wednesday would create an undesirable's not like it would be a tedious one for the two teams with the easiest travel schedules in the league. This isn't like the normal case where teams would have to make special trips in order to make up a postponement.

Anyway, all of this is hearsay at this point, but we're just letting you know of the possibility since it could affect your commuting and couch-occupying plans.

Pierre McGuire, who is a connected guy but maybe not the person you'd expect to have this news first, said on air that "there's a real good chance" the game could be moved to Wednesday night [h/t IPB].

The NHL though would certainly wait until "history" actually happens before making a decision. That's why everything you'll see from now until a decision is made will tell you no decision is forthcoming until Tuesday morning at the earliest.

Eric Hornick has a nice rundown of previous Isles games (including Isles-Rangers) held under catastrophic weather conditions.

As Louis CK said in a letter to fans about his performance at Madison Square Garden being canceled:

"They are calling this storm 'historic' which.... Well I didn't know you could call a thing historic if it hasn't happened yet. But I'm not one to defy future historic events. [...] I think it's clearly better that I alter history in the name of safety and cancel."

On that note, poor weather calls for helping your elderly neighbors, and the Isles players are no different:

The Isles host the Bruins Thursday, while the Rangers host the Canadiens. One way or another, your fix for real hockey will be fulfilled soon.

Oh, and be safe out there, if you're crazy enough (or obliged by occupation) to go "out there" in the first place.