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Islanders News: One ticket to Columbus. No baggage.

Stromes on the range.

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders links:

  • Jack Capuano's secret to success? It's not a secret. [NY Post]
  • Ryan Strome is mentoring his lil' bro, who will be a high draft pick this year. [St Catherines Standard]
  • SI's Roundtable takes on the Islanders' Fourth Line. And check out the All Star MVP predictions.
  •'s Dan Rosen says the Islanders are legit.
  • Anders Lee was on SiriusXMNHL.
  • NHL Live co-host and former Islanders voice Steve Mears stops by the IslesBlog podcast.
  • And Arthur Staple was on the WHPC IslesNight show.
  • Some relevant numbers from the Islanders' first half. [Insight]
  • The Sound Tigers lost to Albany 5-3 last night. [CT PostSoundin' Off Post-Game]
  • The Calgary Flames now own the Stockton Thunder's lease with their arena and could transfer the team to AHL (more on that below). How this affects the Islanders' affiliation with the Thunder is unknown as of yet. [Recordnet]
  • Yesterday was an anniversary for the Islanders, a statistician and one housebound agoraphobe. [NYI Skinny]

The Rest

  • Once again, the Penguins ran afoul of ruffians. Why does this keep happening? Could it be... [Broad Street Hockey]
  • The Flyers are no angels, but Zac Rinaldo is on a terrible level all his own. [BSH]
  • The Sharks' AHL team is moving from Worchester to San Jose next season. Combined with the Stockton news above, the chance of an AHL Western conference/division is all but assured. [Mercury News]
  • Being an NHL dentist can make an Anti-Dentite out of anyone. [Bleacher Report]
  • Crease-clearing defensemen don't exist anymore. [CBS Sports]
  • The Hurricanes need to tank harder. [News and Observer]
  • Who are the league's best possession players? A massive spread sheet from Eyes on the Prize is available.
  • Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf makes a special friend [a BIG READ from Sportsnet]
  • Dude who owned the Coyotes doesn't have to pay the NHL back. Should have kept the receipt, Gary. [The Score]
  • The league's credit line is somehow screwing the Canadian teams, but only the Senators are really affected. [Globe and Mail]
  • The upcoming World Cup of Hockey will feature an All-Euro team and an NHL Young Guns team that better be coached by Emelio Estevez, Keifer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips. []
  • Friedman's 30 Thoughts cover that same World Cup.
  • Last night was Metallica Night in San Jose. [Sports Illustrated]
  • I'd rather watch the Mascot Showdown than the actual All Star Game. Good luck, Sparky. []
  • Happy retirement to The Wizard, Ray Whitney. [Canes Country]
  • Your team doesn't deserve Connor McDavid. No one does. [Sporting News] [It's comedy folks, relax]