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Islanders News: To Calgary, Home of Hickey; Anders Lee Tips; Ryan Strome Rockets

The Islanders are out thattaways somewhere, and there are horses.

You two, you're doing good things.
You two, you're doing good things.
Shawn Coates-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Islanders are in Calgary for a 9 p.m. EST start tonight. It's a Thomas Hickey homecoming. It's a clash between a team whose underlying stats match its record and a team whose stats lead many to expect it will fall.

But for now, the Flames have won four in a row and with 45 points are tied for a playoff spot in the Pacific.

Islanders Reads
  • Anders Lee's AHL career is long gone, he works on tip-ins every day, and he knows there is luck involved. [Newsday]
  • Ryan Strome talks about being awesome, being challenged by his coaches. [Isles]
  • Ten-Game Chunks! Torgo shows you how the Isles ranked in several categories after each 10-game stretch. With additional context in the comments. [LHH]
  • The Islanders practiced at Calgary's Stampede Corral, which once held NHL hockey back when they allowed such things. [Isles]
  • Last season on LI, episode 7: Behind the Zamboni wheel. [Newsday]
  •'s Winnipeg reporter was impressed after seeing the Isles live for the first time this season. [LHH]
  • Yesterday we featured some of the stuff from John Tavares meeting with the Winnipeg fan who was bullied last year. The Isles story has a few more quotes. [Isles]
  • In some ways, Dave Maloney is just like you or me: He thinks an Isles-Smurfs playoff series would be outstanding. [Warning: Mostly about the Smurfs.] [Post]
  • Coliseum Connection: Denis Potvin. [News12]
  • An Isles-Pens Winter Classic would be cool, says a hockey reporter. [IPB]
Beyond the Island, Beyond Alberta
  • The Capitals won yesterday's Winter Classic on a very late goal, on a very late power play that maybe shouldn't have been called. Great for the home team. [Japers' Rink] Great for some seriously riveting pictures. [SB Nation] Great ending, the most exciting ending yet, with all due respect for Sidney CrosbyJay Beagle blogs. [NHL]
  • This feature on Darryl Sutter is pretty dead-on. And good. [LA Mag]
  • Keith Aulie was suspended two games for having a funny name. More seriously, this means he won't be delivering head shots on any Islanders this week. [Yahoo]
  • You know what's really hard? Being a young defenseman in the NHL. [TSN]
  • Michael Del Zotto took a skate to the neck and was carved up like a Halloween makeup job. Ye gods, that's scary. [BSH]
  • Why you haffa play Bryzgalov? Because you signed him. [OC Register]
  • Well done: The OHL launched a player mental health program. [Windsor Star]
  • And RPI hosts Autism Awareness Night. [SBN College Hockey]