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Tweets 'n Memes 'n Cats 'n Things: New York Islanders 3-0 shutout at the Garden

Warning: This post may bog down your old digital rendering device.

"Take it back! 'Smell the Glove' was TOO a real album!"
"Take it back! 'Smell the Glove' was TOO a real album!"
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

New York Islanders games, like all sports and awards shows and who knows what else, always elicit their own special ... flair on the many social media platforms that waste every waking moment of dominate our age.

The Islanders' big 3-0 shutout of their rival New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden was no different. Here's a collection of a few that may crash your browser. Proceed if you enjoy, add more in comments if you so desire...

The Visuals of Defeat

This is always a joyous sight, the poor King sitting on a damaged throne:

The Sounds of Victory

This is always a joyous sound, reverberating as it did for both meetings at the Garden this season:

Yes that's an #isles chant here at the garden. #nyr #nyc #nhl

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The Recognition of "Oooh, our cap space WAS an asset!"

As previously shared in the recap: When Boychuk administered nashus interruptus.

Lot's of nashing of teeth on that hit.

-ICanSeeForIslesAndIsles, in the game thread

(Speaking of game threads, at the end of victories by the bottom they get rather...giffy.)

The Obligation to Party

That last one maybe needs some explaining. After wins (I think just after wins?), Party City sends tweets out about...well I don't recall exactly, but somehow there is a sponsorship connecting post-game celebration with Party City. And thus there are fan jokes on Twitter about just how party hard we're gonna party at Party City.

It is a thing that is both odd and beautiful in the 21st-century's high-volume communications era, where we all -- we being corporations, because corporations are people too -- just want to be noticed. The fact these two took to the road to carry out their joke at their local Party City is perfect. (Their responses afterward are likewise fantastic.)

Life is about Choices

History, Yo

It's been a while since an Islanders goalie got a shutout at the Garden. (What, no Joey MacDonald?):

Always Back to the Knicks

I don't follow the basketball, but this sounds bad:

Cats: Cannot Be Trusted, But Remain Cute

From Dan's "Post-Game Re-Cat" on the LHH Facebook page (you can follow/like us here):

Hey, Let's Get in on This Train for PR Points

From your friendly, always efficient local rail service:

Oh, the humanity.