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John Tavares is an All Star because of course he is

I mean, duh.

"Needs more neon." - some suit on Sixth Avenue
"Needs more neon." - some suit on Sixth Avenue
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The NHL announced the full rosters for the NHL All Star game this evening and, to the surprise of exactly no one, John Tavares was selected for the squad.

He has 19 goals and 20 assists in 41 games this season, some of which have been flat-out awesome. This will be Tavares' second appearance in the mid-season showcase, his first since the 2012 game in Ottawa. He had a third period assist in that game for the losing 'Team Alfredsson" (it's a long story).

We think he's pretty good.

This is the NHL's first All Star game since that 2012 one thanks to Lockout Part III and last year's Olympic games cancelling the last two.

With the Islanders' owning one of the league's best records, there are some who would complain that more of Tavares' teammates should be joining him in Columbus on Jan. 25. Jaroslav Halak or Nick Leddy or Johnny Boychuk have probably done enough to be considered. But it's also important to remember A. there are only so many spots open, especially for goalies and defensemen, and B. the rest time afforded to players while the All Star game is going on is probably more sought after by them than a resume bullet point (unless they get a contract bonus. In which case, they should take it up with the agents).

In other words, don't waste your time being mad that Tavares is the only Islander going. His friends probably aren't. The "snubbed" ones get a week off to heal up or see family. And at least this year, they don't have to wear one of these neon spacesuits.