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Islanders News: New Year, Same Frans; Once upon some times in the West; Pilon and Son

OMG It's Y2K15!

I call this, "vacuuming the rug."
I call this, "vacuuming the rug."
Shawn Coates-USA TODAY Sports

Happy new year to everyone. Let's hope the Islanders' 2015 is a little more like the last half of their 2014 than the first half.

Islanders links:

  • Recaps of a New Year's Eve party: LHH | Newsday | | Eric Hornick's Auld Lang Skinny
  • John Tavares remains the best, meeting that young Islanders fan who was bullied at that game against the Jets last season. [LHH]
  • Anders Lee has some fun with Shannon Hogan after her on-air gaffe from a few days ago went a little viral. It's all good. [Fanpost]
  • A lot of Islanders hail from Western Canada and this road trip is a chance to return home. [Islanders]
  • Good thing the Islanders are off today because they're 0-2-0 lifetime in games played on New Year's Day. [Extra Skinny]
  • At some point this season, the Islanders will be fully healthy. And when Michael Grabner is ready to come back, someone will have to sit out. [Newsday]
  • Mike ran down the power rankings and found the Islanders are... yup, still good. [LHH]
  • Rich Pilon had some conflicting emotions watching his son play against the junior team of his former club. [Star Phoenix]
  • Video: News12 Long Island on the "Yes!" chants.

Winter Classic Stuff

  • The start time is 1pm, but it could be delayed due to glare issues. The sun? Who knew? [ESPN]
  • Check out Japers Rink and Second City Hockey for updates, previews and more.
  • Transforming the National locker rooms into the Capitals locker room. [ESPN]
  • Today's Winter Classic feeling a little stale? How about having the next few in some crazy places? [Puck Daddy]


  • Nick Foligno will stay in Columbus thanks to a 6-year contract extension. [Blue Jackets Xtra]
  • World Juniors: Canada defeated Team USA 5-2, which I'm sure caused a lot of people here to lose some sleep [SB Nation]. And goalie Linus Soderstrom and Sweden continue to roll. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • Vancouver's Jannik Hansen starts the new year a little lighter in the wallet. He's been fined for an illegal check to the head. []
  • Congrats to Andrew Barroway, who finally, officially, actually owns an NHL team. [Five for Howling]
  • The Islanders drop a spot in the SB Nation Power Rankings.
  • Ex-Oilers have a nasty habit of excelling away from Edmonton. [Copper and Blue]
  • Wily Darryl Sutter is a stickler for the rules when he can use them to stick it to the opposition. [Deadspin]
  • The best things that happened on the sports internet in 2014 that you might or might not have missed. [SB Nation]