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The Best New York Islanders Man Cave is in Germany


The New York Islanders "man cave" depicted above and posted on YouTube puts just about any other I've ever seen to shame. And it's all the way from Germany, from two very longtime fans.

I don't want to -- and couldn't possibly -- spoil all the details of this video, which you just have to watch for yourself. But a few of the highlights:

  • The reverence for Mike Bossy, and love for the picture of "Mr. Nystrom" lifting the Cup.
  • That the wife is totally in on this, or at least resigned to it enough to contribute material as an anniversary gift.
  • The "Shift in Power" tabernacle.
  • Two words: "self-made pillows"
  • Banners. Beautiful banners.
  • "Most things, the shipping cost was more expensive than the goods." That's dedication.
  • The tone and pause when explaining the PlayStation is loaned right now. I sense more to the story.
  • All of it. Simply all of it.

Does anyone on Long Island even have something so impressive? (If so, prove it.)

(h/t edavidmorris)