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NHL Governors approve Islanders sale at board meeting just 'cuz

Anybody got anything else they'd like to get off their chests?

There was no meeting. But it was quite a meeting.
There was no meeting. But it was quite a meeting.
Bruce Bennett

Today's NHL Board of Governor's meeting wasn't expected to bring about any cataclysmic news about expansion teams being sprinkled across North America or shootouts being replaced by spirited bouts of roshambo.

But a few nuggets pertinent to Islanders fans were reported this afternoon, first by Sportnet's Chris Johnston and later elaborated on by Newsday's Jim Baumbach. The Board unanimously and unexpectedly voted to approve the sale of the team from Charles Wang to Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin, which was agreed upon just a few weeks ago by the two parties.

NHL owners: always flying by the seats of their very expensive and custom-tailored pants.

From Baumbach's twitter:

The press conference news is the first somewhat concrete date we've been given about Ledecky and Malkin speaking publicly for the first time since agreeing to Wang's asking price back in August. Naturally, we'll keep you posted.

A presser also gives spurned would-be owner Andrew Barroway a chance to bang on some glass and burst into the room crying and throwing punches like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, which would be quite spontaneous as well.

As we know from the Islanders' sordid history of changing hands, nothing is ever truly locked in. But having the sale completed prior to the season starting could lend another ounce of closure to the team's final season at Nassau Coliseum.