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[Bits] Would you like to see my mask? I use it in my experiments.

Armed robbery, double homicide. Has a taste for the theatrical, like you.

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Where you think you're going, Garbutt?
Where you think you're going, Garbutt?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it last night, our own Chris McNally posted a very important reference document for the impending season. Bookmark it:

Islanders links

  • Bovada says, "Gamble responsibly. And by 'responsibly' we mean 'don't bet on the Islanders.'" [LHH]
  • New goalie David Leggio is already a fan favorite just by having this awesome Islanders legends mask. [CBS Sports]
  • Isles Talk has a full dossier on T.J. Brennan, who's whose time may be upon us.
  • Flyers suck! But some don't. [LHH]

Around the League

Wait. We have an update: