Isles/Devils Barclays Center Roll Call and Pre-Game Drink

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

I know a number of Lighthouse Hockey regulars over the past few weeks have mentioned that they will be attending Friday's preseason game in Brooklyn vs. the Devils. This FanPost will serve as a roll call to see exactly who will be attending the game.

Also, Mike (ICanSeeForIsles) and I are planning on getting a pregame drink or four before heading over to the Barclays Center around 6. We will be going to the Koelner BierHalle at 84 St. Marks Place. After the pregame meet up before the Stadium Series game, I thought a bar would be too packed for a bunch of hockey fans to share a couple drinks, so when Mike suggested KBH in Brooklyn, I thought it was perfect. It's within walking distance to the arena and we get to drink out of steins!

So in the comments section below, let us know if you're headed to the game. And if you want to meet us at KBH, add that to your comment and we'll save a seat for you.

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