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Islanders vs. Senators: Tune in for split-squad games in St. John's

It's beginning to feel a lot like hoc-key...

"FRANS...ah-ah...he will save every one of us..."
"FRANS...ah-ah...he will save every one of us..."
Bruce Bennett

Well, it's finally here: New York Islanders hockey, with regular uniforms and everything. The Isles kick off the preseason schedule today with a pair of (not simultaneous, mercifully) split-squad games against the Ottawa Senators in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Here are the pertinent details:

If you're asking, "Where is this?" well it's here, home of Winnipeg's AHL affiliate. It looks like a hockey rink:

Here is your open game thread for this day/night doubleheader. Chat up the game, share tweets or things you see or hear, and if we're feeling ambitious we might even update the post with new info.

Happy hockey season! Let's. Go. ISLANDERS.