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Islanders News: Take the train to the game, Sunny D, Reunited and it feels so Kule

All aboard!

Hey, we like you, too.
Hey, we like you, too.
Jonathan Daniel

Last night, I went on a mini-Twitter screed after I read this story in New$day about the LIRR making adjustments in its trains in advance of Friday's preseason game at Barclays. Somehow, this innocuous story represents everything that drives me crazy about how many Long Islanders are viewing the Islanders' move to Brooklyn.

It talks about the trains and the act of taking them as if it's some kind of new, experimental technology that could cause irreversible side effects. It includes declarations from 30-year season ticket holders that they're done with games after the Islanders move. It speaks of the "education process" of getting people on a train.

I get that this move is traumatic to a lot of people and it's going to wreck a lot of well-worn routines. But man, it isn't this difficult.

You'll get used to it. Maybe you'll even like it. Try it.

Islanders links:

  • It's a funny thing: with two of their three goalies not at camp, the Islanders are suddenly ready to talk about the goaltending. [Islanders]
  • Jack Capuano has tweaked his D this year. I can hear you giggling. [New$day]
  • The New York Times says John Tavares is excited for the season, but isn't nearly as excited as The Times is for the next season of HBO's Girls.
  • Kyle Okposo gets a profile in The Hockey News about his long road to his breakout season.
  • Rich Dias-Rodrigues at Islanders Insight gets very insightful and philosophical about hockey and race with Joshua Ho-Sang.
  • Ho-Sang preaches priorities and confidence. [Islanders]
  • Halak's Hot Hood. [TwitterShot]
  • Playing the parts of Peaches and Herb are Mikhail Grabovski and NikolaY Kulemin. [Point Blank]
  • Also, brace yourself: Bruce Ratner plans to have his new Nassau Coliseum plans submitted by year's end. I'm sure it will go smoothly. [New$day]

Out in the World

  • Without a word to anyone, the Avalanche added "general manager" to Joe Sakic's title and effectively demoted Greg Sherman to Office Dog. [Puck Daddy]
  • Islanders fans aren't the only ones circling the Blackhawks for Nick Leddy. Stay away, Sharks. [Fear the Fin]
  • On thing we all can agree on: the Maple Leafs suck. [Hate/Envy]
  • Hockey is finally a part of life in Columbus, thanks to the Blue Jackets. [Blue Jackets XXxxxxXXXtra]
  • Larry Brooks lays waste to nearly all Canadian hockey teams for really no reason. Who pissed in his Labatt's? [NY Post]
  • Junior team needs to sell tickets, partners with Playboy to have playmates attend a dance party. I'm sure this will also go smoothly. Maybe Hef will give the team's execs jobs after they've all been sacked. [Yahoo Jr Hockey]

Defenseman talk about the battle for spots in camp. Basically: I hope these guys succeed, but I'm trying to get my shot here.