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[Bits] Back to School, Back to Cleveland, Back to Life, Back to Reality

Soul II Soul for a one-timer.

Quiet: Students at Work
Quiet: Students at Work
Derek Leung

Home Room

  • It's back to school time, which means diving into some unsavory, unappealing subjects. Like, for instance, The New York Rangers. Fortunately, Professor Dom is in.
  • Dom also looked at Sons of Famous People getting drafted in late rounds mainly because they're Sons of Famous People.
  • From the USA Hockey National Coaches Symposium comes the first of a series of videos from commenter Torgo, who captured Jack Capuano's breakout systems demonstration.
  • A series going on at Islanders Insight asks readers for their Nassau Coliseum memories. Looking forward to more of these as the season continues.


Some schools know how to make their students feel welcome. Pacific Tech, for example: