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New York Islanders Sale: Failed bidder Barroway 'asked forgiveness' in May after crossing Charles Wang

Please forgive me. I know you love me. I want to love you and to be good to everyone.

I challenge this committee to produce any evidence or witness against me.
I challenge this committee to produce any evidence or witness against me.
Bruce Bennett

Andrew Barroway was worried enough about the fate of his ultimately rejected bid to buy the New York Islanders that he wrote a letter asking current owner Charles Wang's "forgiveness" as things took a wrong turn last May.

That information came out after Wang submitted additional filings in Barroway's lawsuit against him. You can see a copy of a key letter from the filing here [PDF].

Several details from the filing were tweeted by Jim Baubach of Newsday today, mentioning multiple letters from Barroway that Wang says indicate Barroway knew there was no deal -- an assertion that, if accepted, would remove the legs from Barroway's case.

Some particularly fine nuggets:

Sounds like someone was perusing the esteemed text, "Saving Face For Dummies." There are also professions of wanting to do good by Islanders fans and by Wang in his theoretically last year as owner.

It closes:

I know that you do not have to sell the team right now, but want to make this the right time and circumstance for you to do so. Although we have not known each other very long, I value your confidence in me and assure you that I am the right man to build on your tenure as owner and carry your torch forward -- promising to always do right by you, the Islanders organization, and its fans.

Charles, I would very much like our next conversation to be in person, and am available to come see you at the time of your choosing.

As for why these are being submitted, it's not to counter Barroway's original claim -- not yet -- but rather part of Wang's filing to get the case moved from Manhattan, where Barroway says it belongs, to Nassau County, where Wang's team still operates.

Baumbach continues:

Check Baumbach's timeline for more tweeted details and quotes, and Newsday for the story he files.

Thankfully, for Isles fans after a long and eventful summer, this is mostly neither here nor there: Training camp has begun today, and Wang already has a new ownership group lined up that he liked better. And had more to spend.