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[Bits] These are not scraps. These are the historic remains of a once great society of hair.

No woman walks into a beauty parlor and says, "Gimme the Larry Fine."

So what"s your major?
So what"s your major?
Bruce Bennett

Training camp is nearly here. You can smell it in the air. Or is that the scent of scorched earth wafting in from Columbus?

Islanders linkage

  • Arthur Staple sets the table with questions for Islanders training camp. [New$day]
  • John Tavares is sick and tired of losing, waiting and playing golf, and is ready for a big season. [The Telegraph]
  • A Q&A with Scott Mayfield and his transition to the pros. [Islanders]
  • Lukas Sutter is just doin' what Sutters do. [Islanders]
  • Charlottetown Islanders forward Ross Johnston has been invited to New York Islanders training camp. [Guardian]
  • Front-paged yesterday was a neat, quick Fanpost by Torgo on where the Islanders finished in a number of team categories last season.
  • In the interest of saving time, Sportsnet re-used their Islanders preview from last year. I think.
  • Oh. The Fourth Period did too? Maybe I'm missing something.
  • The WSJ discovers Rick DiPietro has been on the radio for two months.
  • Make some time Sunday to listen to Garth Snow on Isles Talk on SportsTalk 1240.
  • Join the First Islanders Roster Pool and win absolutely nothing but bragging rights that are only applicable on this very website. [Fanpost]

Everybody (in) Limbo!

Other stuff

  • Panthers Owners to Other Cities: Drop Dead! (we're staying in Florida). [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Ryan Kesler talks the differences between Vancouver and Orange County, specifically that one place allows him to the breath and live the life of a normal human and the other is Vancouver. [OC Register]
  • The NHL isn't going to have ads on jerseys... yet. But there's big money in it if they do. []
  • Remembering the original Ottawa Senators, aka, "the very, very successful ones." [Lost Franchises]
  • A show about NHL wives is coming to Canadian TV and will star Dustin Brown's and Ryan Miller's wives among others. [Puck Daddy]
  • Japers Rink's list of best left wings in the Metro Division contains no Islanders which kinda makes sense.
  • Stats are great, but what are we actually using them for? [Down Goes Brown]
  • NHL2K is coming back... to your smart phone. [Polygon]
  • Another On The Forecheck Great Moments in Game Ops: The Canucks introduce a "NEW TRADITION" and then promptly forget about it.
  • The best players in the NHL. Made bald. Just look. Includes bonus Strombone hilarity. [Bar Down]

Video from the charity golf outing. Matt Martin is slowly morphing into Chris Hemsworth.