The Third Annual First Islanders Roster Pool

"If you think I'm hahd, wait till you play for this guy here in Bridgeport." - Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Most of you probably think this is mostly an excuse for me to continue to get run out of the Capnac picture. You're right. But this year there are actually a lot of spots up in the air, so the FIR Pool could be a whole lot more interesting.


Only Capnac the Magnificent can unlock the secrets of the fourth line or the third pair.

A little play on the FIG Pool, let's see who can guess the Isles opening night roster. Last year, ablesser88 and kcNYI split the honors and the Blessings of Bossy, but their halcyon days are nearing an end, and The Favors of Islanders Past will be up for grabs again.

Here's the rules:

1. In the comments, provide what you think the roster will be for the first regular season game (October 10 @CAR). A game day roster is 20 players (usually 12 forwards, 6 defensemen, and 2 goalies).

2. I'll award one point for each correct player, plus one bonus point for each starter correctly identified, making 26 points a perfect score . Please make sure you identify your starters somehow, either with bold lettering, or in a separate list.

3. All entries must be in by midnight EST, Monday, 9/22. It give us the split squad preseason games to base our guesses on. Which thankfully should tell us about nothing.

4. I will allow people to amend their entries up until the 9/22 deadline. Just reply to your initial comment with the changes you'd like to make.

Some links to help you:

Official Islanders Roster Page

Official Islanders Prospect Page

Capgeek (lists all players under contract)

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