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Islanders News: Tavares still golden, Capuano ready, de Haan determined, Trottier thrilled to teach

I think it's time Mr. Goldfinger and I met... socially, of course.

Woo hoo! Who wants to go to Korea?!
Woo hoo! Who wants to go to Korea?!
Bruce Bennett

Islanders links

  • Oh. You wanna buy the Islanders, too? Take a number and talk to these other guys, pal. [LHH]
  • Jack Capuano says he's been talking to players all summer, and now the time has come for them to back up their talk with work ethic and the ol' "playing the way we need them to play to win." [Newsday]
  • John Tavares on NHL participation in the Olympics and the fallout from the injury he sustained in Sochi. [Sportsnet] A quote:

    Tavares met with the general manager after he returned to North America. Snow apologized for putting him in a bad spot, according to Tavares, and that was basically the end of it.

    "I think he understands what it's like being a player and being an athlete and having those opportunities," said Tavares. "How could you not want to be a part of something like that? I think he felt bad about the whole situation when I got home."

  • That Tavares story was written by Chris Johnston of Sportsnet, who's been turning out very good, in-depth NHL work for a while. Follow him on Twitter at @ReporterChris.
  • Mike Halmo is workin' hard for the (right now, AHL) money. [Islanders]
  • A pair from Point Blank: a conversation with Calvin deHaan | Eddie Olczyk stops by the podcast and chats.
  • Bryan Trottier is primed and ready to get back behind the bench in Buffalo. []
  • It's too early to tell if LEGO John Tavares will be participating in the Olympics. For now, he's just hanging out being awesome. [LEGO John Tavares Tumblr]

Around the League

  • In one of the most NHL-ian moves of the offseason, the NHL has moved it's Winter Classic behind-the-scenes show from HBO to EPIX, a cable movie channel slightly less known than HB Goddamn O. [SB Nation]
  • Jarmo Kekalainen is done messin' around with Ryan Johansen. [Blue Jackets XxXtra]
  • Rejoice! Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts are back.
  • The Canadiens will rotate four alternate captains this season so that Montreal can debate who should be captain for the next 10 months. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • Surely you can muster some hate for the Lords of Hockeytown, USA.
  • The Devils marketing slogan for this season "We're All Devils Inside," sparking more than a few INXS jokes. Like this lame one. [Fire and Ice]
  • Part One of an oral history of the 1995 Stanley Cup champion New Jersey Devils, who some believe destroyed the sport of hockey. [Sportsnet]
  • Zone entries for Penguins defenseman. [Hockey Buzz]
  • Can you quantify laziness in hockey players? Probably not, but blogger Jeffler gave it a shot.
  • Now That's What Canucks Fans Called Music in 1982. A jaunty tune about "King" Richard Brodeur dragging Vancouver to the Stanley Cup final. [Hockey Time Machine]
  • Just to prove he's better than us (again), Steven Stamkos converts field goals with slapshots. [SBN]
  • Did you miss J.D. and The Straight Shot opening for the Eagles last week? Turns out, everyone did. [Grantland]

Colin McDonald, Cory Conacher, T.J. Brennan and Anders Lee meet some friends in Brooklyn.