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Islanders News: Collberg healthy, Ho-Sang lovely, rookie camp pause

Today is the first Sunday in the rest of your year.

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#1 in your hearts, #66 in your program, #4 in Mr. Personality 2014
#1 in your hearts, #66 in your program, #4 in Mr. Personality 2014
Jeff Zelevansky

Guess what? While rookie camp takes a day off, this is the last Sunday of 2014 without New York Islanders players on the clock. We are just about here, and in the words of Bootsy Collins, the party's goin' all [season] long.

  • Sebastian Collberg is now recovered from shoulder surgery and determined to prove he was a worthy trade. [Isles]
  • The topic of camp, even before camp, is the logjam of forwards and what options they -- including the players themselves -- have to deal with it. [Newsday]
  • Puck Daddy previews the Islanders and rates them to improve. Bonus: Text between Wang and Barroway. [Puck Daddy]
  • He's not really in the NHL yet, but Josh Ho-Sang is already one of the top 10 NHL personalities, says The Hockey News.
  • League of Hate & Envy: Can we really hate the Panthers? We can try. [LHH]
  • Bummer: Blue Jackets first-rounder and Long Island's Own Sonny Milano is out with facial fractures. You can blame the Wild. [Dispatch]
  • With the shootout/penalty shot spinorama now a nicht-nicht, Puck Daddy looks at the top 10 of the shootout era. Not sure which is better: The Bailey-Strome combo that trolled Brodeur, or the reminder of Martin St. Louis' hypocrisy. [Puck Daddy]
  • The how and the what-not of no HBO 24/7 for this year's rerun vs. rerun Winter Classic. [SB Nation]
  • Flyers owner Ed Snider says he's cancer-free. [USA Today]
  • The Stars introduced a Chernobyl survivor as their new mascot. [DBD]
  • Tim Leiweke wants to do something else now, but doesn't want to get fired with cause, so he'd gonna talk loosely and then backtrack, pretending he is both a business genius and born yesterday. [TSN]