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New York Islanders Never-Owner John Spano Arrested Again. In 2014.

Never saw that one coming!

Shocked, SHOCKED I tell you...
Shocked, SHOCKED I tell you...

New York Islanders fans can't even make this up:

John Spano, whose infamous bid to buy the Islanders in 1997 landed him in prison for bank fraud, has been indicted by a grand jury in Ohio on one count of theft and 44 counts of forgery.

Spano, 50, was arrested Aug. 21 and pleaded not guilty to accusations that he forged dozens of contracts and pocketed the commissions over a two-year span while working as a medical supplies salesman for an Ohio-based company.



Or more preconcisely:

Oh, but remember: He's only been arrested and charged; in fact, he has pleaded not guilty. So he could totally be not guilty.

This time. Last time (or was it the time before last?), they definitely found him guilty of stuff. And it kind of affected the New York Islanders. Which is why we still care. And rant. And laugh.

Because, I mean, well Newsday continues with some fun details:

Jay Milano, Spano's attorney, said in a telephone interview that Spano played only "a minor role" in the scheme. Milano said the idea was hatched by the company's owner, Alex Shvartshteyn, as a way to generate the illusion of revenue to show his corporate office.

"The boss orchestrated it and when the boss got caught, Spano was an easy target to blame," Milano said. "If you say he did it, people's first reaction will be to believe it."

First reaction would be to believe it? But why? Oh, that.