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[Bits] Shrimps on the barbie, beers in the cooler, hockey in the air

Steal bites, not other people's nude pictures.

I think I might have used this picture last year. Whatever.
I think I might have used this picture last year. Whatever.

Islanders (sausage) linkage

  • Video star garik talks little-discussed topics Islanders goalies and Josh Bailey on Youtube:
  • Dom digs up a fight everyone - including the combatants - probably forgot about. Brad! Versus! Brad! FIGHT!
  • Point Blank examines the questions surrounding the Islanders defense this season. My opinion: the biggest question facing them is non-fans asking, "who in God's name are these guys?"
  • The most important players based on percentage of team goals scored. John Tavares is good, as are Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. []
  • Ex-player thinks current incarnation of his former team going to be alright. This episode: Islanders legend John Tonelli. [Katie Strang's summer series at ESPN]

Side Dishes

  • The Oilers re-signed defenseman Justin Schultz to a new one-year, $4-plus million deal on Friday.  [Oilers Nation]
  • Then Craig MacTavish said some things about how Edmonton views Schultz that might not jive with reality. [Copper and Blue]
  • Fellow NCAA loophole rider Kevin Hayes played the system like a fiddle, according to the Boston Globe. Bonus item: Dish Network and FIOS customers could watch KHL games beginning this season.
  • The Sporting News drafted two potential expansion rosters for Las Vegas and Seattle clubs. Pickings were... slim. And the desperation may have caused the writers to lose their minds.
  • This sprawling, interesting Hockey News piece details some of the strife between the "analytics crowd" and the "purists" and what's in between. It's also further proof that the Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons lives in a fantasy world where sportswriters are shining knights of virtue and truth and everyone else is clawing for table scraps.
  • Miss one of the 30 in 30 team previews? Got 'em all right here, jack.

Labor Day means spending the day with friends, drinking and grilling meats in the sun with the knowledge that carefree vacation time is over and a long, cold, barren winter is just weeks away. Kind of like tailgating before the Islanders 2008 home opener. Have a good one, everybody.