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[Bits] Lifting Luc's Likeness, Langway's Lessons and Leering at Ladies

Get Lucky.

I can't understand what he's saying. I think he's chewing on something.
I can't understand what he's saying. I think he's chewing on something.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders links

  • Media praise for the Islanders? Someone check the weather in hell. [Point Blank]
  • Some idiot made another list of Islanders disappointments that is itself, ironically, a huge disappointment. So meta. [LHH]


  • Luc Robitaille is getting a statue outside of Staples Center next year. Between Robitaille, Wayne Gretzky, Magic Johnson and Chick Hearn, the outside of Staples is starting to look like the MOMA. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Secretary of Defense Rod Langway talks Capitals defense, Alex Ovechkin and Barry Trotz. [ESPN]
  • Minor league hockey needs a serious facelift and might be getting one in the form of an ECHL/CHL merger and AHL Manifest Destiny. [SB Nation]
  • On that note, the Stars are buying their AHL affiliate, the, um, Stars. [Defending Big D]
  • Seen yesterday in the comments, but still worth a read: what the future of hockey analytics looks like. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Down Goes Brown thinks we all need to come to terms with longterm contract extensions.
  • The effect of back-to-back regular season games on NHL team performances. [Puck Prediction]
  • More on Tyler Dellow's new job with Oilers. Ryan Batty of Copper and Blue on what Dellow will actually be doing for the team under coach Dallas Eakins | Eakins expands on how and why Dellow was brought in. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Birthday boy (did you get him anything yesterday?) Sidney Crosby and other NHLers douse themselves in ice water for charity. [Puck Daddy]
  • In a different timeline, Crosby could have been a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who were the Penguins before the Penguins were the Penguins. [Lost Franchises]
  • Welcome to Mediocre Town, population you. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • BREAKING NEWS: Sex Sells, according to guy you've never heard of writing for website you've never read in reference to quality website that just shut down. A. duh; B. Just because there's a lowest common denominator doesn't mean you have to stop there. [I'm using a Do Not Link URL to keep this guy from getting clicks]

Here's Robitaille and his mullet in their Oscar-snubbed performance with Jean-Claude Van Damme in Sudden Death. Subtitles NSFW.