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Islanders News: High expectations, with depth to spare

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Expectations have returned, and the captain is itching to get started.

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"Hello, I will see you in the fall, when we will live long and prosper."
"Hello, I will see you in the fall, when we will live long and prosper."
Bruce Bennett

Ferrari, Ferrari, where do you go when the lights go out?

Islanders-Related Substances
  • Fully recovered, John Tavares is ready to attack and looking forward to next season. [Isles]
  • Oh, and the quotes therein cause me to riff on his perception of the goaltending. [LHH]
  • Well this is weird: Ryan Lambert at Puck Daddy with unrestrained praise and expectations for the Islanders' offseason. [Yahoo]
  • By Corsi decline, some of the biggest money wastes in the NHL. (An ex-Isle in Philly makes the list.) [Sporting News]
  • The Isles have the template to avoid a P.k. Subban-hits-arbitration situation. Mostly because they don't have a P.K. Subban, but also becaue they've managed the cap carefully. [Isles Insight]
  • Running down the Isles blueliners, wondering who will win the final two spots. [Hockey Writers]
  • Fear the Fin and Dimitri Filipovic podcast on the Atlantic and Metro, including a bunch of praise for the Isles. [Soundcloud]
Beyond the Island
  • Yesterday on's 30 for 30: The Flyers are just fine, thanks.
  • Very cool story on "Vic Ferrari," the pseudonym behind Time On Ice and an early hockey analytics pioneer. Interesting, his firm belief in coaches. [CBC]
  • Scott Walker discusses the differences between former Predators coach Barry Trotz and current Preds coach Peter Laviolette. [ESPN]
  • U.S. Hockey HOF 2014: Including Brian Rafaslki, Jeff Sauer. [USA Hockey]
  • The Smithsonian Channel's "Air Disasters" covers the Lokomotiv disaster that killed Josef Vasicek, Pavol Demitra, and too many others. [Smithsonian]
  • Speaking of which, a Slovak documentary honors Demitra. [STL Game Time]
  • Hot top pick Aaron Ekblad was sent home from world junior camp with a concussion. [Sportsnet]
  • BREAKING: The Wild have to play all their games indoors yet again. [Battle of California, salty language etc.]
  • That's a reference to this announcement for a game played inside a jean's commercial by the way.