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[Bits] Barro-walks-away, Del Zotto walks to Philly, Dellow walks the walk

Seems to me, you just turn your pretty head and walk away.

Enough with the Del Zotto talk!
Enough with the Del Zotto talk!
Bruce Bennett

Islanders stuff

  • Andrew Barroway, who didn't own the Islanders, will apparently continue to not own the Islanders as his deal with Charles Wang, who may or may want to the sell the Islanders, is off. Maybe. Dom goes into more detail here. Please choose your preferred extreme reaction.
  • Jack Capuano talks to Islanders Insight about many topics including November swoons and his old Maine teammate Dave Nonis.
  • John Persson talked to hockeysverige about his NHL debut, Anders Nilsson, the unhappy Sutters, and more. [Translated bits and links via LHH]
  • Taylor Cammarata was cut from U.S. Junior evaluation camp, along with a mess of other kids. Cheer up, fellas. []
  • Garik investigates how rookie defensemen with promising Corsi perform in successive seasons at Hockey Graphs (mentions Travis Hamonic, etc.).


  • Revenge of the Smart Guy Who Nerdy Sportswriters Think is a Nerd: foremost hockey analytics blogger Tyler Dellow was officially hired yesterday by the Oilers, the team he's been tearing apart online for the better part of eight years. Dellow joins a host of like-minded bloggers who have gotten jobs with NHL teams this summer. The evolution continues. [The Sporting News on the infiltration of the old boys network | Andrew Berkshire on hardworking hobbyists getting a shot at the big time | Dellow nemesis Mark Spector of Sportsnet on his new (sorta) colleague, in a spiked story that was pulled down soon after posting. Hmm...
  • UPDATE: Now the cached version of Spector's story is gone too. Here's Oilers Nation's Robin Brownlee on the Dellow hiring with quotes from Spector included.
  • Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen has blood clots in his leg and lung (Jesus Christ!), and his return date is unknown. I don't sincerely use this word ever, but Timonen is a classy player and I hope he recovers quickly. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • To mitigate the huge loss of Timonen, the Flyers became the "lucky" team to give much maligned Michael Del Zotto another shot. Could be a cheap gamble or a comedy of errors. We'll find out soon. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • The Penguins re-signed Brandon Sutter for two years, $6.6 million. [Pensburgh]
  • Remembering Herb Brooks as a coach and player. [Third String Goalie]
  • If former Maple Leafs capologist (and former Islander) Claude Loiselle takes over the Department of Player Safety, how will things change? [Puck Daddy]
  • The first U.S. team to win the Stanley Cup was the Seattle Metropolitans, who had a very colorful history. [SB Nations Lost Franchises]
  • You've no doubt seen the current NHL Hate Map complied by Reddit users. But how did Reddit users in the 1940's vote in Hate Map for the Original Six? What the hell am I even talking about? [LHH Zeitgeist]

How your NHL suspension (and suspension video) sausage is made. Pretty cool video narrated by Patrick Burke.