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That Time Brad Isbister and Brad Ference Engaged in a Water Bottle Fight

Atlas Obscura time.

Fighting sans water bottles.
Fighting sans water bottles.
Bruce Bennett

This came up in comments a few weeks ago, and after asking around a bit I didn't get any better info or memories on the circumstances. So I'm putting it to the readers:

Do you remember this? That time Brad Isbister and Brad Ference fought...from the penalty box. With water bottles.

Isbister was supposed to be a "power forward," but several fanbases know how that turned out. Ference was supposed to be an enforcer, and he finished his seven-year NHL career with 565 PIM in 250 games (no playoffs).

Searching the game logs, it's a good but unconfirmed bet this was Dec. 15, 2001, at the Coliseum, as both Ference and Isbister each had 22 PIM in that meeting (and in other meetings, Isbister's PIM against the Panthers were tiny to none). Matching 10-minute misconducts followed by game misconducts would seem to fit the crime, which never actually included a fight other than the water bottle variety..

Islanders great Denis Potvin, in his first stint as an announcer for the Panthers, sure got a kick out of it. How about you. Any memories?