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The 2014-15 LHH Meetup and Road Trip Thread

There are games. People will attend them and exchange secret handshakes. Perhaps a beverage.

Follow me!
Follow me!
Bruce Bennett

To the extent we've tried it, we at Lighthouse Hockey have had decent success meeting up with other community members for games, putting real faces and "real" names ("Yes, my name is Jacques Strap! Why do you ask?") to online personas.

There has also been some reader demand, particularly in this final season at Nassau Coliseum, for more organized efforts and roll calls for specific games.

I propose people use this thread as a general sounding board and plan-maker. To keep things remotely organized, I'd recommend using the subject line of comments to announce the game you're referring to, and then replying to that comment if you want to talk plans for that game. (Note: This also means CTRL-F or generally skimming the thread to see if the game you want to post about has already been mentioned.)

As we saw in the "Where in the World is LHH?" thread, we have people all over the league map and beyond. Chances to connect abound.

That LHH map showed we have clusters around several venues, not to mention easy road trips -- and of course, each home game. There are no doubt many more good dates. Discuss them here.