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Islanders News: Bridgeport Sound Tigers schedule out; Most expendable? Plus, the insane '80s

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"Ever seen a spleen that large?"

"Let's play three!"
"Let's play three!"
Bruce Bennett

Good morning, these are things people read when not detained by work and such:

Islanders Topics
  • The AHL announced its schedule yesterday. Here's Bridgeport's. And here's Michael Fornabaio going into it, the three-in-threes in particular.
  • Newsday had some business scuttlebutt: Charles Wang petitioned to change the venue of Andrew Barroway's suit from Manhattan to Nassau, and new "investors" are lining up for the L.I. Marriott debt. [LHH links]
  • With all of the depth the Islanders have added, is Matt Martin the most expendable player on the roster? [Eyes on Isles]
  • Say, isn't it time to end the DiPietro hate? [Islanders Insight]
  • Late drips of "source" info the other night had the league expanding to Seattle, then to four cities in a matter of tweets. Dan responded appropriately. [LHH Zeitgeist and sorry, Montgomery. Maybe next round.]
Not remotely Isles-related
  • MOAR expansion talk: "The NHL is absolutely moving towards expansion in the years ahead, but with the league in the best spot it has been in his tenure, Gary Bettman has the luxury to be patient." [Sportsnet]
  • Seriously though, does Las Vegas even make sense? (Not as a city, I mean. We've already answered that question.) [SB Nation]
  • Cool FanPost from NDRE excerpting theory on defense, with a wee dig at Alex Ferguson. So, good times all around.
  • This is a deep existential question if your formative NHL years were the '80s: Why Were the ’80s So Insane in the NHL? "Grantland
  • These are nice ways to enter the zone with possession, so learn them. [TheScore]
  • These are ways traditional MSM writers can still be quite essential. (So: Not by acting all Simmons-Cox.) [Because Oilers]
  • Scott Gomez lives. For a Devils camp invite, at least. []
  • "Bruins Sign Jay Pandolfo." Made you look. [SCOC]
  • This is where you can buy cheap Smurfs jerseys of Marian Gaborik, future Stanley Cup champion. [NY Mag]
  • The Ottawa 67's have an 18-year-old director of player development. But he has a hockey name, so it's fine. [THN]
  • Former NHL referee (and general attention-seeker, it was often alleged) fesses to trying to steal one of those expensive Fox glow-pucks. [HuffPo]
  • Battle of California readers are kind of dumb. Except yours truly, of course. [BOC]