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[Bits] Vegas Vacation, Adventureland, American Beauty, Lady Sings the Blues

You must be this tall to talk to this Islander.

Always bet on Bettman
Always bet on Bettman
Ethan Miller

Islanders things

  • The Islanders make their annual trip to Long Island funpark/urban legend death trap Adventureland on October 5th. [Islanders]
  • Donovan or deHaan: Who Ya Got? The answer might surprise you. [Islanders Insight]
  • Dee Karl on new MSG++++++++++++++++++ reporter Shannon Hogan and the challenges facing women in sports. [HockeyBuzz]
  • Randy Carlyle accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge from Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin and takes his dousing like a good sport. [CBS Sports]

Other things

  • Late breaking rumor time: NHL expansion to Las Vegas is a "done deal" according to Vancouver Province writer Tony Gallagher's "sources."
  • Want more? How about FOUR expansion teams - Vegas, Seattle, Quebec and Toronto Again. Sports Business Journal says it would be worth $1.4 billion in fees to the league. [Slam Sports]
  • Former Leafs and Bruins goalie Andrew Raycroft was hired as a coach at UConn. [SB Nation College Hockey]
  • How many goals will the Capitals surrender next season? With luck, all of them. [Japers Rink]
  • Craig Berube has heard enough of Vincent Lecavalier's bellyaching. Good talk, coach. []
  • An army of strawmen continue their relentless attacks on the NHL's new wave of stats. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Call them fancy if you want to, but here are a couple of smart and interesting looks at some basic issues being faced by other teams that have popped up in regards to the Islanders: Old goalies as risk aversion insurance [Silver Seven] | Enforcers and sheltered minutes. []
  • The New York Americans pre-dated the Rangers by a year and folded in the early 40's before they could set up shop in Brooklyn full time. Guess it's up to the Islanders to finish the job. [SB Nation's Lost Franchises]