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Challenge Accepted. Rivals Doused.

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You can't look left or right on social media without having seen an "Ice Bucket Challenge," something the New York Islanders players and staff have tackled with enthusiasm and creativity.

I was challenged ("nominated?" "drafted?") by Lighthouse's own satirist-in-chief Dan as well as by our statmeister Garik16.

Challenge accepted, with a bit of historic division rival twist.

I'm always a little careful about how we publicize "causes" via our front page here, out of respect for the diversity of initiatives our readers might hold dear. And of course with success for any well-meaning effort -- the ALS Association is shattering monthly records with this -- inevitably comes righteous backlash.

But I find it's never a bad thing to get people to break from their daily routines and think about where to spread their wealth. I'm not going to tell you how to spend your money; I will tell you carving out donations for causes, and/or in memory of key people, is fulfilling. (Scientifically proven so!)

ALS has taken the life of people I knew and worked with, and it was heartbreaking to watch its devastating effects. I'll happily participate and contribute here, and use this as one of those periodic reminders or invitations to do the same for what you hold dear.

To donate to or learn more about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and the ALS Association, go here.

P.S. I haven't kept track of challenges and fear I'm behind the curve, so I threw a shout to SB Nation Hockey manager Travis Hughes as well as some nephews who are due an ice bucket and a talk about philanthropy from Uncle Dom. We'll see how that goes; one of the little rugrats once claimed to be a Flyers fan.