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[Bits] My God! The Dukes are going to corner the entire frozen orange juice market!

Pork bellies. I knew it.

Stop or my Shea will shoot
Stop or my Shea will shoot
Al Bello

Islanders links

  • The Wall Street Journal says Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin have a lot of work to do rebuilding the Islanders' public persona.
  • But Ted Leonsis thinks Malkin and his former Capitals co-owner will be just fine. [Point Blank]
  • The new guys still have a ton of questions to address as they transition to majority owners. [The Checking Line]
  • Individual tickets for Islanders games go on sale September 2nd. [Islanders]
  • The Islanders also unveiled a new shoulder patch celebrating the final season at Nassau Coliseum. I didn't like it. [LHH]
  • Carey Haber at Isles Nation looks at the WOWYs of the Islanders defense and who the most invaluable D-men are.
  • Bleuchz FanPosted a new trick shot video from the 2014 Bio Steel Goalie Humiliation Camp. Michael Dal Colle was there, too.


  • The Summer of Insanity in San Jose has been something else. [SB Nation]
  • Good thing Battle of California's Stace is here to find the Sharks a new captain on CraigsList.
  • Another very helpful guide to navigating a world without Extra Skater, this time from Raw Charge.
  • Don't tell Corey Sznajder to "watch the games." Because the man otherwise known as @ShutdownLine watches every game several times to calculate zone entries for the Hurricanes and nearly every other team in the league. His findings are always illuminating.
  • Shea Weber is one of the world's deadliest weapons. [On the Forecheck]

Are you sick of the petty, childish name-calling nonsense between mainstream hockey writers and bloggers or other fans that seems to happen on a daily basis? So am I. And so is SBN, Pension Plan Puppets and Leafs Nation video maestro Steve Dangle, who pretty much nails those feelings in his latest offering. Now, if only everyone would think about this before their next freakout.