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NHL New Draft Rules: All your tanks are belong to luck

The NHL changes its draft lottery rules, so people can stop complaining.

Goal Difference.
Goal Difference.
Bruce Bennett

No "Breaking News" banners today. We think.

Islanders Topics
  • Have you voted on the top 15 greatest players in Islanders history? [LHH]
  • With Charles Wang sticking around through the sale and "transition," questions remain from fans. [Islanders Insight]
  • But there's excitement too. [IPB]
  • Is this a parallel universe? Because the Isles and Leafs are gaining headlines for the right reasons. [Grantland]
  • Many outsider teams need a whole whole lotta goals over last year to make the playoffs. The Islanders may just need Jaroslav Halak. [About]
  • In defense of Joshua Ho-Sang, and not in defense of the Panthers or Coyotes. [Puck Daddy]
  • The junior Islanders hit Beijing. [Isles]
Hockey and Lawsuit News
  • The big hockey news yesterday was the NHL's two-year phased-in changes to the draft lottery format. Tanking for a top three pick just got a lot less...guaranteed. [ | SB Nation]
  • Apparently there is an unwritten law that every time an analytics blogger gets hired, his site has to disappear. So tonight we're going to party like it's 2009 and show you how to navigate Behind The Net (as well as other surviving stats sites). [Fear The Fin]
  • The Moore/Bertuzzi saga that has gone on 10 years may go on longer yet. [SB Nation]
  • Speaking of cheapshots, Raffi Torres will have to repeat knee surgery and miss a bunch of the coming season. [Fear The Fin]
  • Kevin Hayes loopholed on the Hawks and signed with the Rangers. The Post calls him a "stud," and Stanley Cup of Chowder calls him "poop." With good reason. And for charity.
  • Your annual warning about "best shape in his life" training camp stories (you know, like this one). [theScore]
  • Sean Avery is still Sean Avery, and Riddick Bowe is still "Bowe," I guess. (Is this what washed-up pro athletes do with their time? This world is so unfair.)