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Selecting the 15 Greatest in New York Islanders History

It's cool you left out Frans. (VENGEANCE!) Wouldn't be a fair fight (COMETH!) otherwise (ON THE INFIDELS!).

"Let he who is without Frans cast the first vote."
"Let he who is without Frans cast the first vote."
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Islanders are running a fan engagement operation to name the "15 Greatest Players in New York Islanders History."

Right now they have a ballot of 25, from which you are to select your top 15 here. Later, they'll have fans rank the final 15 and unveil them throughout the season.

But in their promotional release about it, they list what you might reasonably call the top 15 seeds:

  1. Mike Bossy
  2. Denis Potvin
  3. Bryan Trottier
  4. Billy Smith
  5. Clark Gillies
  6. Pat LaFontaine
  7. John Tavares
  8. Bobby Nystrom
  9. Butch Goring
  10. John Tonelli
  11. Pierre Turgeon
  12. Ken Morrow
  13. Brent Sutter
  14. Ziggy Palffy
  15. Bob Bourne

The rest of the 25? Well, they're on the initial ballot, which lists the players by alphabetical order, not by seed. But you can also see them in our poll below.

Your task here is to pick which of the "outsiders" belong in the top 15 seeds. Select them in the poll, and in comments tell us who you picked and whom they should replace (and why).