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[Bits] New specials on the menu, Hulkamania running wild, Leafs get less dumb, Bucketheads

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Slow Tuesday.

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Don't make me angry.
Don't make me angry.
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Islanders news

Around the rink

  • The long, grotesque, life-changing/sport altering Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore saga finally comes to a conclusion with a court settlement, 10 years after the trial first started.  [SB Nation]
  • The Leafs continue to defy their reputation and go all-in on analytics. The latest scuttlebutt: Toronto has added Extra Skater founder Darryl Metcalf and blogger Cam Charron to their stable. [Puck Daddy | James Mirtle at the Globe n' Mail]
  • The hirings did not sit well with the Sun's Steve Simmons, who went plum loco, ranting about weasels and testicles. He's perilously close to living homeless outside of the Toronto Public Library muttering "Cantstandya..." [The Hot Takery]
  • Michael Willhoft at Islanders Insight says the War on Advanced Stats is a lost cause. Simmons might want to realize that.
  • So what happens to Extra Skater? Russian Machine wants to built a new one.
  • Bastion of hard work and virtue Alexei Kovalev thinks P.K. Subban doesn't deserve all the money he's making. OK, Alex. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • The Senators have had some wild game opening ceremonies, man. [On the Forecheck]
  • "Hey, we should sell hockey to the Japanese. They'll love it. Let's just send our two extremely shitty expansion teams over there for a couple of games. They won't know they're shitty." [Japers Rink]
  • When Ice Bucket Challenges Go Wrong: The Darkside of Charity [Deadspin] (Sorry. Embedded video was deleted, but can still be seen at the link).