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[Bits] Tavares and Teemu to have numbers retired, Long Island scam artist busted

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No. You can't have that number anymore.

Just a small ceremony.
Just a small ceremony.
Bruce Bennett

Islanders bits

  • John Tavares will have his number 91 retired by the Oshawa Generals on September 28th. He'll be the fourth General to be given the honor, following Red Tillson, namesake of the OHL's Outstanding Player award, Eric Lindros and some buzzcut named Bobby Orr. Nice company. [Islanders OfficialGenerals site]
  • Scam artist who took money from former Islanders Mark Streit and Mike Comrie is sentenced to prison. [New$day]
  • Dom looked at the eternal search for a hulking 6-foot-8-inch defenseman like the one the Islanders had a lifetime ago.


  • The big story on Friday was the ongoing slow-motion trainwreck of the P.K. Subban arbitration hearing. No resolution was reached as of the evening. God knows how long it will last or what the Canadiens are thinking raking their best skater over the coals like this. As always, Elliotte Friedman has all the answers.
  • The Ducks will retire Teemu Selanne's No. 8 in a game next January against Winnipeg, of course. [SB Nation]
  • A pro poker player is hired by Devils to head their analytics department and teach them when to hold 'em, fold 'em. [Fire N' Ice]
  • Travis Yost looks at the 14 players whose possession stats have increased every year. One Islander appears on the list. Can you guess who he is? [Sporting News]
  • The Hot Takery uses NHL 14 to settle the eternal question: who would win in a game between Team Heart and Team Corsi.

This is a really lame video with a somewhat cool concept. Casey Cizikas walks us through his goal against Marc-Andre Fleury in Game 4 of the 2013 playoffs.