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New York Islanders Sale: Bobby Nystrom takes a wait-and-see approach

Let's just see what we got here...and also see if we can still somehow be "Long Island's team."

That was then.
That was then.
Bruce Bennett

New York Islanders legend Bobby Nystrom is often called "Mr. Islander." A voice of the fan, if you will.

His reaction to the announced sale of the franchise by Charles Wang is, well, a lot like a lot of fans*: Wait and see.

(*Or, at least, how I'd advise fans to proceed with any new boss.)

Not that Nystrom wants the status quo, exactly. But he prefers certain things, and apparently hinted at them in a conversation with News 12's Jamie Stuart:

Like many attached to the franchise's history, he'd prefer they not end up in Brooklyn. (But that's where they're going. That's part of the attraction to new buyers.)

Like many, he's curious if front office changes will be made. (Judging by the two-year transition plan for majority ownership, not likely anytime soon.)

But we'll see. So will Bobby Ny.