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Islanders News: Ho-Sang insulted; Isles get more positive projections

Ho-Sang can you say?

"It's just business, Sonny. Not personal."
"It's just business, Sonny. Not personal."
Mitchell Leff
Things of an Islander Nature
  • Evidently Joshua Ho-Sang answered some questions about why he hasn't been invited to Hockey Canada camp, and he kind of hoped to answer this nagging question once and for all. It got coverage. [LHH | TSN | Score | Sportsnet | Isles Optimism]
  • But there's plenty more from Ho-Sang, who was at a Biosteel Sports prep camp with current and future NHLers like Michael Dal Colle: “You see they’re a different calibre of player, they’re smarter,” said Ho-Sang, picked late in the first round by the Islanders. “You see their mannerisms, the professionalism they have to have in front of people and the way they are in the dressing room, being funny. They’re human. It’s great to see.” Yet Ho-Sang believes the Isles were a perfect fit for him because they won’t insist on major changes to his approach, on the ice and off. “I went to the right place, where I feel comfortable,”
  • Podcastin': At IPB,'s Brian Compton and Corey Masisak discuss the Isles' moves. [Point Blank]
  • Yesterday 'round these parts: Garik16 made the case for keeping both Grabner and Bailey, while NDRE lined up the records of OHL and WHL forwards from 2003-2013.
  • Grantland's post on the race to the bottom says the Isles will break from tradition and avoid it. [Grantland]

Ho-Sang, who is a learnéd if precocious young fellow, got some support from another famously learnéd hockey player:

Three out of seven (or three out of six NHLers) ain't bad:

Beyond the Island
  • Well, only a bit beyond the Island here: In what has become an all-too-predictable move, Long Island native (and recent "I'm totally going to college" guy) Sonny Milano has bailed on Boston College for a juniors route to the NHL instead. In response to BC statements, Milano says it was his decision alone. [Blue Jackets Extra]
  • Ever looked for stats but not sure where to find them? This is a very literal guide for navigating even the basics at [Oilers Rig]
  • The Chicago Blackhawks have signed goalie Michael Leighton, who conceded the OT winner that caused Chicago's first Cup in a couple of generations. [NHL]
  • The Coyotes owner is kind of tired of fielding questions about an out clause. He and Ho-Sang should party. [Puck Daddy]
  • Paul Stewart gives advice for young refs. [HockeyBuzz]
  • Are you OK if you're asked to be Isles GM? Because Erik Karlsson is OK if he's asked to be Ottawa captain. [NHL]
  • After what feels like forever, Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore may be nearing an out-of-court settlement. [McKenzie on Twitter]
  • All of your Buffalo summer plans are now settled: They get the prospect combine in 2015 and 2016. [NHL]