Emerald City Hockey

Hockey in Seattle? I may be sleepless, but this dream is poised to become a reality. The construction of a world class multi-sport arena, aiming to court multiple suitors for both an NHL and NBA franchise, leaves us with one space needle of a question:

What will they name the inevitable expansion team in Seattle?

I definitely know one thing, it's going to be great seeing those Seattlites in the stands for their first taste of the NHL, the fourth greatest league in America.

When the NBA finally returns to it's senses and gets back with "the one that got away", it's expected that both new ownership in Seattle and the Oklahoma City Thunder will settle on bringing back the Supersonic's. Which in turn, will cause fans old and new to freak out and buy everything in sight that has anything to do with the new er.. old team.

However, the NHL has a ton of work to do in order to sustain a new market like Seattle, and that all starts with a fresh new name to rally the rabid fans of the Great Northwest.

Eh hemm.. I may or may not have compiled a few suggestions below:

Seattle Sailors..

Seattle Seals..

Seattle S.E.A.L.'s..

Seattle Soldiers..

Seattle Sea Lions..

Seattle Sturgeons..

Seattle Sasquatch..

Seattle Pilots..

Seattle Pioneers..

Seattle United..

Real Seattle..

Seattle Storm..

Seattle Prospectors..

Seattle Shifters..

Seattle Settlers..

Seattle Islanders..

Leave some of your suggestions here.

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